Playing guitar for over a decade.

Ben has picked up a guitar from the age of 7 and is now a full time professional guitarist, arranger, producer and musical director. He is gaining experience and adding to his portfolio all the time, now having worked on multiple pop tours, musical theatre shows and television programs. Proficient in all contemporary styles, Ben excels in Funk, Soul, RnB, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Indie. Ben takes influence from a very wide range of guitarists including Mark Lettieri, Nile Rodgers, Scott Henderson, Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, Cory Wong, Prince, John Scofield, George Benson, Larry Carlton, John Mayer, Brian May and Joe Satriani.

Available for live and session work, Ben also has an extensive home recording set up so is able to do remote recording sessions. Now with over 5 years of teaching experience, Ben is a fantastic option for tution in guitar, bass, songwriting and production. Get in contact below to discuss your needs!

Progressive Musical Direction

There is less and less money in recording music for small artists, releasing music is now just another part of promoting yourself as an artist in the same fashion as YouTube – it’s all in an effort to get fans through the door at shows. So, of course it is important to make sure that the music you release is the best possible, but it is equally, if not more important to make sure that your live show is outstanding. Only then will it become a cycle where more people stream your music, opening opportunities for radio play, management, label representation and more live work. Live shows are also an immediately more lucrative exercise for small, independent artists compared to streaming.

Ben says: “My expertise lies in making the music in your show outstanding. Getting a band to sound great is definitely an important element of your show but it is not the only part. My job is to create a narrative, give the show a story and structure to create an immersive experience for your audience. Together we’ll create a piece that is in keeping with your artist branding, ethos, and aesthetic. From workshopping ideas to arranging exciting parts that bring the studio recordings to life, creating click tracks and getting your band tight. We’ll work on introductions, interludes and other unique elements to create an atmosphere your audience will never forget. I’ll make sure that when it comes to performance, your craft is all you have to concentrate on – it’s my job to make sure that everything around your live show, where music is concerned, is perfect.”

Take a look at the projects Ben has been involved in:

Shades Collective
Shades Collective is a UK based 23 piece orchestral ensemble celebrating the music of sound system culture through the compositions of dance music giants including SHY FX, Wilkinson, Fat Boy Slim and Rudimental. Musicians from the who perform with the likes of Tete de Pois, Franz Von and Hyde Park Brass to name a few, come together to form a power ensemble of roaring horn sections, lucious string ensembles and a relentless rhythm section to create an indescribable energy and an infection desire to dance.

Ben is the Musical Director and Arranger for this project.

The Univision Song Contest

Inspired by The Eurovision Song Contest, ‘Univision’ saw performers from 5 universities across the UK go head-to-head in the live grand final. The event was live streamed across multiple platforms and with all the performers accompanied by a live band, directed by Ben.

Ben worked with the artists and production team to arrange and compose a bespoke score for the broadcast. Each artist had their song arranged to suit the univision style, with Ben also composing and producing the original ‘Univision Theme’ and accompanying underscore. Watch the full stream here and listen to the links below to examples of Ben’s work on the project.

A 5 piece Indie-Pop boyband from Leeds/York. Ben joined them towards the end of 2018, just before they released their first EP, ‘Does It Matter?’ Quickly building a fanbase in Leeds and beyond, Alleyways are fast becoming an unstoppable force in the north. Ben is the Musical Director and Guitarist for Alleyways.

BPM (Ben Clark Trio)
Ben’s first project exploring instrumental Jazz, Fusion and Prog. Their first ever gig was the support slot for Snarky Puppy’s Mark Lettieri in Leeds, April 2019.

“Named after the founding members of the trio, BPM brings a fresh new approach to the guitar trio. Fronted by the flamboyant and energetic guitarist of Alleyways and Mercutio, Ben Clark and his innovative writing style brings a brand new sound to the burgeoning DIY music scene in the north. He is supported by Leeds’ most driving new rhythm section; Maurice Sylvester of King Komodo and Big Mo’s Big Trio, and Paolo Mazzoni of Project Hilts and TC and The Groove Family.”

Leeds College of Music Contemporary Pop Choir
An amazing opportunity to work with such a large ensemble. Here are some of the concerts Ben’s been involved in.

An Indie outfit from Leeds. Co-written and produced by Ben along with Singer/Songwriter, Kate Oates. Their EP, ‘Face To Face‘ is out on all digital streaming platforms. ‘Something’s Coming’ was written by Ben with the video produced by Luke McGregor Phillips.

The SofaTime Sessions
A series of live sessions, arranged, played and presented by Ben. Each week sees a new guest join Ben in the studio. Produced by Luke McGregor Phillips.

Amelia Thorpe
An example of Ben working with singers to arrange and produce.

Harley JJ and the Conscious
An album written by Harley JJ and Ben, also arranged by Ben on a £0 budget.

Hear Ben on Spotify:

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